Friday, August 01, 2008 posters

I had spent the whole of yesterday in the OP clinic seeing patients. Occasionally I would nip back to my room for a break and to read a little more of Helping Health Workers Learn, a book that is slowly revolutionising the way I understand community health. Inspiration struck at 1 am after reading the passage which I subsequently used in the first poster. The pictures are from my travels over the last year.

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The second poster is more personal. It was a sort of artistic representation of what being a community health activist at 1 am at night feels like. It uses a lots of ideas about art that I have been slowly developing such as where the artist situates himself, the progression of time between the pictures (look at the guava) and creating different messages depending on the distance between the viewer and the poster among others. I don't expect it to be popular or even be printed at all but it is my personal favourite. Poetry, art and community health :-)

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rakhal said...

Hey lalit,

the posters are great.... and using poetry.... boss that is great...I am writing about a new idea... brain wave i had on my blog look it up..