Saturday, October 31, 2009

Huddled together

When it rains we the kind
Get wet. Our umbrella is not
Big enough for two.

When it stops we the kind
Get sick. Our dampness is what
Causes us pneumonia.

During sickness we the kind
Get poor. The local hospital
Is not a charity.

Faced with hunger we the kind
Get mean. Our bodies curse
Our moral self.

When it rains we the mean
Remain dry.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exploring health with the wind in your face

My friend Varun Kumar recently got bitten by the community health bug and decided that he needs to  get a better understanding about what working for health really means. Being of the adventurous sort, he has decided to go on a bike ride across the country, visiting community health organisations along the way. One of his interests is in how mobile phones, which now seem present in even the most remote hamlets, can be used for health work. His corporate background is evident in his well presented maps of the proposed journey route. You can follow him on his blog