Sunday, November 18, 2007

Operating in Chinese

In this era of globalisation in comes as no surprise to me that the artificial icepacks we occasionally use at our hospital have been manufactured in China. However I realise that a great many linguistic and cultural barriers have yet to be crossed when the instructions on the cover read as follows.

Operation Instructions
  • This element it is amazing not to have. “Store the cold foot” lowers the temperature fast to clear yp coldly and slowly.
  • Pack and open outside, the income -10◦C ice boxes or freezes are frozen hard and reservly soon.
  • It is insulate against heat protecting cold thing. In the case, according to protecting the cold demand, set up the quantity of good performance to pack into.
  • In the case the damage will not be polluted seriously protect the cold thing.

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anasuya said...

Lalit... amazing; I'm chortling while thinking about the complexity of it all. I'm so enjoying your posts from Sittlingi!